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real estate photography

We are able to upload premium video walkthrough to Zillow! It will prioritize your listing and induce more traffic! Examples can be seen here

Sometimes you just need another perspective. Our drone will fly above to give a birds eye view of everything the property has to offer.

Make it easy for clients to fall in love with the romance of the house by setting it against a beautiful twilight sky.

Matterport and Zillow 3D Home. Make your marketing Covid-19 ready!

Let the work do the talk
Video walkthroughs
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All Videos

About Us


Welcome to WeberLi Photography! We are a professional real estate photography team based in the Antelope Valley, California. 


The journey all begins with buying our own house. After browsing all the listings on Zillow, we felt disheartened: there were no good houses! However, after taking some tours, we realized that there were plenty of good houses, but not all of the great houses had great pictures! So many listings could have attracted much more attention if they had included stunning pictures! Our wonderful realtor, Karen Goddard, gave us the chance to join the game and we got started real estate photography. We have one mission: provide the best product at an affordable price with fast turnaround. 

As a young and passionate photographer, I am constantly learning and upping my game. I am a Zillow Select photographer, granting me the ability to upload impactful walkthrough videos straight to Zillow. I also studied the best ways to capture the houses with beautiful twilight colors, resulting in images that will make people instantly fall in love with your listing when they cross their feeds. They will definitely help the houses sell!

Lior (chen Li)


Let's sell some houses!



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